the power of yes

Nice to see that our  yes (we are open) sign has had such pervasive influence in the area -  after 6 years, the yes has travelled! These two murals are done along the 80ft side walls of the tunnel (under the BQE) next to the York St F station.

as it was for 7 years - now no longer out front. spring is now open by appointment.
Sagmeister and Walsh collaborated with renowned Japanese illustrator Yuko Shimiza and created two large typographic messages to sit on the facing walls - both hand painted by Coby Kennedy.


Just fantastic!
Paul Cocksedge's CAPTURE SHOW at Friedman Benda 515 W26th St
September 12th - October 12th

Poised has the grace and suppleness of paper. Rolling a sheet of steel like this soon reaches a point just short of where it could not exist as a table; it would simply topple. This led to an intensive process of calculation regarding gravity, mass and equilibrium. 
Poised achieves an improbable degree of balance and precision: one millimeter’s horizontal deviance in any direction and the balance would be lost.


out and about

met up with Constantin Boym at the Campana Brothers at the opening of their show at Friedman Benda last night. Although pieces like the stuffed toy crocodile chair are always popular, our favorites were the more subtle worn wicker chair (a woven nylon thread mesh provides the support) and the dark wood scrap table

the road to abstraction

came across this MTA malevich on the way to inventing abstraction at MoMA

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seeing clearly

we saw Alyson Shotz's Mirror Fence at Storm King upstate over the weekend - really great.
Its reflective pickets, which extend in a straight line, enclose nothing. As Shotz has described her practice, "I'm interested in making objects that change infinitely, depending on their surroundings. The light at different times of day, the weather…what the viewers are wearing, all these are just some of the variables that will make the piece different every time one comes in contact with it. For me an ideal work of art is one that is ultimately unknowable in some way."


Sandy's impact on New York made me think of a postcard collage I made in 1997 - luckily this time was not this bad (and there weren't giant ducks to contend with)
you can see more New York collages here

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moving images


Michal Rovner's paintings that move and projections on black limestone slabs at the PACE gallery in Chelsea

have a look here

amazing 3D

came across this amazing new tool for 3D visualization (ideal for architects) at the WANTED DESIGN presentation of this new city app created by urbasee 

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definitely the descendent of the magic eye 3D postcards - remember them?

party night

David Weeks, Margaret Russell & Ralph Pucci  
It was good to see our friend and neighbor David Weeks at the Ralph Pucci showroom for the launch of his new line of lighting, furniture and rugs. We know his lighting but the chairs and rugs were new to us. Good job!

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underground parking

just caught the exhibition of the LowLine on Essex St - very impressive project for the underground development of the old tram station underneath Delancey St  which was abandoned in 1948 - read more here. For some reason the show ended today - early. We were the last people there, nearly getting locked in
The lighting is collected and channeled sunlight! 

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kiss kollage

some randomization of kiss as construction boards get moved around (Houston and Ave A)

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summer deis

another great T shirt in Italy -  translation to English via China

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a Giacometti sculpture in the garden at MoMA

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